Young’s experiment and gravity.

We saw the Young’s experiment. What could be the probable explanation?
They say it is because of us observing it, that we are getting the pattern. See the picture once more; we are not able to see the laser till it gets reflected. Whatever happens before is not observed.

Now let me ask how gravity works.
Newton didn’t know, but he described it mathematically. Every object in this universe attracts every other object. But how, relativity says that an abstract mathematical concept, space-time, is curving to cause the attraction. But concepts are conceived by intelligent minds, they have no existence. What does not exist cannot cause attraction. Earth cannot ask the apple to fall to the ground.
Another hypothesis is that earth throws little pebbles at the apple, called Gravitons. Throwing pebbles cause repulsion, not attraction. To tide over that, they have proposed negative momentum, but that is foolishness, momentum, p=mv, is direction independent.
What has that got to do with Young?
Yes, let us come to it. Another old theory is that the whole universe is permeated with ether. Ether, by Bernoulli’s principal, is causing the attraction, gravity. So if the universe is filled with ether, then light could be a wave that is propagated through the ether. Then naturally we get an interference a double slit. But then it will not explain how to atoms attract. Then probably Newton’s description is wrong the atomic level.
As we can conclude that there is no magic in this universe and as earth, unlike god, cannot wave its magic wand to create gravity, we have to conclude that earth is having some physical connection with the apple. As every atom is attracting every other atom, every atom in this universe is connected to every other atom. So our light source in the experiment is connected to the pin and is connected to the screen (fig 2).

Light can be a wave of the thing that connects as in the superior line or a torque as in the inferior line in fig 2.
That solves two problems, 1) how gravity works… 2) why the interference pattern, the nature of light.
Now, all we have to do is figure out the nature of the thing that connects it. Its structure..from the standard picture, it could be a thread, an intertwined electromagnetic thread whose torque producing light. That explains EPR paradox too.
Thread idea: courtesy Bill Gaede
Ether courtesy: Dr. G Srinivasa Rao

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