Saturday, February 10, 2018

Atheism religion

     Atheism is one of the dumbest religion on earth. It has taken down so many precepts of religion but could not give anything back. Even then it is a stripped down version of religion.
Let us examine why it is a religion and why it is dumb..

Why is it a religion?

    Simple, all religions start from a basic need to believe. (Of course, that is not the sole reason, I will come to that later). Atheists also "believe". They either believe that God does not exist or do not believe God exists. Either way, it is centered on belief and mine or your belief is just that, an opinion.  But what has belief got to do with god's existence? 

    I may believe with all my heart that moon does not exist, but will it affect the moon? Or from tomorrow if I start to believe that Unicorn exists, will that magically bring Unicorn to existence? "Belief" has nothing to do with god. God, if existing, will continue to exist irrespective of what I or you believe. If he does not exist, no amount of believing is going to bring him into existence. "Belief" is the confidence we have in the correctness of a statement or occurrence of an event. So it is basically an argument from authority., which is a logical fallacy.
  Does opinions decide upon existence? If so, how many should disbelieve to make god non-existent? You are not of the opinion that God doesn't exist, so? You are either persuaded or not persuaded by opinions or proofs... So? Does that affect God's existence (or non-existence for that matter) ?   
So we have two reasons here to say that atheism is a religion,
1) They believe, just like any other religion
     They says because that is their opinion that should be yours too. Because they are persuaded, you too should be... Isn't that the typical feature of religion? 
2) They use logical fallacies.
 Yes you heard that right, atheists do use logical fallacies, it is not the prerogative of religious alone. The theists commonly use the fallacies of "argumentum ad verecundiam", "equivocation", "fallacy of bifurcation (Pascal's wager)","petitio principii", "ignoratio elenchi", "bandwagon fallacy", "Argumentum ad nauseam"...... and atheists always point that out but they to use fallacies surreptitiously. The fallacies atheists use are "argumentum ad verecundiam", "reification", "equivocation", "petitio principii", "ignoratio elenchi", "bandwagon fallacy", "Argumentum ad nauseam".....
Surprised? I have listed only the fallacies used both by atheists and theists alike. Since both use logical fallacies we can conclude atheism is another religion.

    Religion is a form of community. Now we can see that atheists are establishing communities all around. Some of them even has formed rituals. Atheism, just like theism is serving  as a basis for community formation.
    Atheism is a belief system. There are no messengers or priests. So is it a religion? Think again. Einstein is their prophet. Dawkins is their chief priest. There are other priests too, like Sam Harris or those who go by the name of "modern Physicists".  They have their bad characters, like the devil of religions, and they call them black holes. They have not seen it, it can't be seen but they "know" it is there. And there is an apocalypse too, to boot. Everything is finally going to end, in a black hole....

    And atheists want to convert, just like any other religion. They are the first to point out the fallacies of other religion, but they are oblivious to theirs. Aren't all religions like that?

   Atheists adapt Christian values and worship humans. They think that "human rights", "equality" and "liberalism" exists. Humanism is their god.

   Now let us examine why atheism is dumb.

1) Atheists oppose religion by using the very same logical fallacies they say theists commit.
2) Atheists do not understand the basis of religion nor understand what perpetuates it.
3) Atheists think that by pointing out the contradictions in religion they can abolish religion while at the same time not able to see the "plank in their eyes".

Without understanding religion, without understanding that religion serves some purpose, without properly understanding that religion is a human construct, they try to oppose religion and look askance when they encounter a solid wall. They have not heard the saying "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still".